Form addons for Elementor page builder.

Form addons for Elementor


Formina is an Elementor form addon. It has 7 form widgets (contact form with reCaptcha, mailchimp form, instant search or live search or ajax search form, sign in or login form, sign up or register form with reCaptcha, lost password or password recovery form & native search form).

It also has 50+ responsive ready form templates or blocks. So you don't need to make a new form style from the scatch.

All the Forms

Why choose it?

  • Forms: Formina makes sure that create all types of the form with it. Such as: Contact, Register, Login, Live or AJAX Search, Password Recovery etc. So maybe it's the best form addon for Elementor.
  • Save TIme: Since we provided 50+ different types of form styles with it, so maybe you don't need to create a form style from the scatch. As a result, you can save your time.
  • Reduce Using Extra Plugins: You don't need to keep install and activate the different plugin for the different work. Like: one plugin for contacting, one for searching another one for login or registration.​ Cause, those types of forms included with it.
  • Save Money: Since you don't need to use so many plugins, so Formina will save you money.
  • Highly Customizable: All the widgets are highly customizable, has trendy and attractive design and lots of options to create complex types of form design with limitless variations.​
  • Page Speed Impact: Since you use it for various types of work. On the other hand, you are not using lots of form plugins. So your web pages wouldn't load slowly.

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