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1 %1$s requires %2$s to be activate. %1$s requires %2$s to be activate.
2 %1$s requires %2$s to be install. %1$s requires %2$s to be install.
3 %1$s requires %2$s version %3$s or greater. %1$s requires %2$s version %3$s or greater.
4 1 1
5 2 2
6 3 3
7 4 4
8 Activate Elementor Activate Elementor
9 Add Categories Add Categories
10 After Title After Title
11 Alignment Alignement
12 Arrow Color Arrow Color
13 ASC Ordre croissant
14 Author Author
15 Autoplay Lecture automatique
16 Avatar Avatar
17 Background Arrière-plan
18 Background Color Couleur d’arrière-plan
19 Background Hover Styles Background Hover Styles
20 Before Title Before Title
21 Border Color Couleur de bordure
22 Both Both
23 Bounce Bounce
24 Bounce In Bounce In
25 Bounce In Down Bounce In Down
26 Bounce In Left Bounce In Left
27 Bounce In Right Bounce In Right
28 Bounce In Up Bounce In Up
29 Bounce Out Bounce Out
30 Bounce Out Down Bounce Out Down
31 Bounce Out Left Bounce Out Left
32 Bounce Out Right Bounce Out Right
33 Bounce Out Up Bounce Out Up
34 Buttons Boutons
35 Button Styles Button Styles
36 Buttons Warp Buttons Warp
37 by par
38 Carousel Settings Carousel Settings
39 Categories Catégories
40 Categories Styles Categories Styles
41 Categories Warp Categories Warp
42 Center Centré
43 Center Item Center Item
44 Color Couleur
45 Comments Commentaires
46 Content Contenu
47 Content Height (px) Content Height (px)
48 Content Styles Content Styles
49 Content Width (%) Largeur du contenu (%)
50 Current Courant
51 Custom Personnalisé
52 Custom Column Custom Column
53 Custom Height Custom Height
54 Dark One Dark One
55 Date Date
56 Default Par défaut
57 Delay Delay
59 Documentation Documentation
60 Door Horizontal Door Horizontal
61 Door Vertical Door Vertical
62 Dots Points
63 Dots Color Dots Color
64 Effects Effet
65 Elementor Elementor
66 Enter Label Enter Label
67 Enter Reset Text Enter Reset Text
68 Enter Text Enter Text
69 Enter the comma-separated items number, those items use for custom height. Enter the comma-separated items number, those items use for custom height.
70 Fade In Fade In
71 Fade In Down Fade In Down
72 Fade In Left Fade In Left
73 Fade In Right Fade In Right
74 Fade In Up Fade In Up
75 Fade Out Fade Out
76 Fade Out Down Fade Out Down
77 Fade Out Left Fade Out Left
78 Fade Out Right Fade Out Right
79 Fade Out Up Fade Out Up
80 Feature Image Image mise en avant
81 Flash Flash
82 Flip In X Flip In X
83 Flip In Y Flip In Y
84 Flip Out X Flip Out X
85 Flip Out Y Flip Out Y
86 Font Family Font Family
87 Found any issue or need help? Found any issue or need help?
88 Gap From Content Gap From Content
89 Gap From Title Gap From Title
90 Grid Grid
91 Headline Titre
92 Head Shake Head Shake
93 Height Hauteur
94 Hide Masquer
95 Horizontal Horizontal
96 Hover Au survol
97 Hover Effects Hover Effects
100 Icon Icône
101 Icon Effects Icon Effects
102 Icon Left Bouncing Icon Left Bouncing
103 Icon Left Move Icon Left Move
104 Icon Left Moving Icon Left Moving
105 Icon Position Position de l’icône
106 Icon Right Bouncing Icon Right Bouncing
107 Icon Right Move Icon Right Move
108 Icon Right Moving Icon Right Moving
109 Icon Spacing Espacement de l’icône
110 Icon Zooming Icon Zooming
111 Infinity Loop Boucle infinie
112 Install Elementor Install Elementor
113 Items Number Items Number
114 Jello Jello
115 justify Justifié
116 Label Libellé
117 Label Position Label Position
118 Label Text Label Text
119 Layout Mise en page
120 Layout Type Layout Type
121 Left Gauche
122 Left Label Left Label
123 License Info License Info
124 Light One Light One
125 Light Speed In Light Speed In
126 Light Speed Out Light Speed Out
127 Link Color Couleur du lien
128 List Liste
129 List Margin List Margin
130 List Width (%) List Width (%)
131 Loading Icon Loading Icon
132 Load More Button Load More Button
133 Load More Label Load More Label
134 Margin Marge
135 Meta Meta
136 Meta Styles Meta Styles
137 Min Width Min Width
138 Modified Modified
139 Mouse Drag Mouse Drag
140 Move Move
141 Nav & Dots Flèches et points
142 Navigation Navigation
143 Nav Next Radius Nav Next Radius
144 Nav Padding Nav Padding
145 Nav Prev Radius Nav Prev Radius
146 Nav Top (%) Nav Top (%)
147 No Non
148 None Aucun
149 No Posts found Article non trouvé.
150 Normal Normal
151 NOTICE: If you change the Dimension then the page need to Refresh for seeing the actual result. NOTICE: If you change the Dimension then the page need to Refresh for seeing the actual result.
152 not published yet not published yet
153 Number of Column Number of Column
154 Number of Offset Number of Offset
155 Number of Posts Number of Posts
156 Off Arrêt
157 On Marche
158 Open Ticket Open Ticket
159 Order by Trier par
160 Overlay Background Superposition d’arrière-plan
161 Padding Marge interne
162 Pagination Pagination
163 Pause On Hover Pause au survol
164 Pause on Hover Pause au survol
166 Position Position
167 Post Article
168 Postina Postina
169 Postina Carousel Postina Carousel
170 Postina Gallery Postina Gallery
171 Postina License Key Postina License Key
172 Postina Loading Postina Loading
173 Postina On Scroll Postina On Scroll
174 Postina Posts Postina Posts
175 Postina Settings Postina Settings
176 Postina Tab Postina Tab
177 Postina Templates Postina Templates
178 Postina Ticker Postina Ticker
179 Posts Content Posts Content
180 Preview List Preview List
181 Preview Right Preview Right
182 Preview Thumb Height Preview Thumb Height
183 Preview Thumb Width (%) Preview Thumb Width (%)
184 Preview Title Preview Title
185 Pulse Pulse
186 Radius Radius
187 Read More Lire la suite
188 Reset Text Reset Text
189 Right Droite
190 Right Label Right Label
191 Roll In Roll In
192 Roll Out Roll Out
193 Rotate In Rotate In
194 Rotate In Down Left Rotate In Down Left
195 Rotate In Down Right Rotate In Down Right
196 Rotate In Up Left Rotate In Up Left
197 Rotate In Up Right Rotate In Up Right
198 Rotate Out Rotate Out
199 Rotate Out Down Left Rotate Out Down Left
200 Rotate Out Down Right Rotate Out Down Right
201 Rotate Out Up Left Rotate Out Up Left
202 Rotate Out Up Right Rotate Out Up Right
203 Rubber Band Rubber Band
204 Scale Scale
205 Scrolling Speed Scrolling Speed
206 Select Category Select Category
207 Shake Shake
208 Show Afficher
209 Show Avatar Show Avatar
210 Show Categories Show Categories
211 Show Content Show Content
212 Show Content Show Content
213 Show Excerpt Show Excerpt
214 Show Excerpt Show Excerpt
215 Show Item Show Item
216 Show Load More Show Load More
217 Show Meta Show Meta
218 Show Pagination Show Pagination
219 SinaExtra SinaExtra
220 Size Taille
221 Slide Animation In Slide Animation In
222 Slide Animation Out Slide Animation Out
223 Slide Bottom Slide Bottom
224 Slide In Down Slide In Down
225 Slide In Left Slide In Left
226 Slide In Right Slide In Right
227 Slide In Up Slide In Up
228 Slide Left Slide Left
229 Slide Left-Bottom Slide Left-Bottom
230 Slide Left-Top Slide Left-Top
231 Slide Out Down Slide Out Down
232 Slide Out Left Slide Out Left
233 Slide Out Right Slide Out Right
234 Slide Out Up Slide Out Up
235 Slide Right Slide Right
236 Slide Right-Bottom Slide Right-Bottom
237 Slide Right-Top Slide Right-Top
238 Slide Top Slide Top
239 Sort Sort
240 Spacing Espacement
241 Speed Speed
242 Swing Swing
243 Tab Content Contenu de l’onglet
244 Tada Tada
245 Tag Tag
246 Tags Tags
247 Tag Style Tag Style
248 Text Color Couleur du texte
249 Text Word Text Word
250 Thumb Thumb
251 Thumb Height (px) Thumb Height (px)
252 Thumbnail Thumbnail
253 Thumb Right Thumb Right
254 Thumb Width (%) Thumb Width (%)
255 Ticker Content Ticker Content
256 Ticker Settings Ticker Settings
257 Time Time
258 Title Titre
259 Title Style Style du titre
260 Title Styles Styles du titre
261 Title Width (%) Title Width (%)
262 Touch Drag Touch Drag
263 Ultimate Posts Addons for Elementor page builder. Ultimate Posts Addons for Elementor page builder.
264 Use content Height Use content Height
265 Vertical Vertical
266 Verticle Align Alignement vertical
267 Widgets Settings Widgets Settings
268 Width (%) Largeur (%)
269 Wobble Wobble
270 Yes Oui
271 You can disable widget(s) if you would like to not using on your site. You can disable widget(s) if you would like to not using on your site.
272 You have to enter a series of comma-separated values. That series represents your custom grid. Possible values: 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,12. You have to enter a series of comma-separated values. That series represents your custom grid. Possible values: 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,12.
273 Zoom Zoom
274 Zoom In Zoom In
275 Zoom In Down Zoom In Down
276 Zoom In Left Zoom In Left
277 Zoom In Right Zoom In Right
278 Zoom In Up Zoom In Up
279 Zoom Out Zoom Out
280 Zoom Out Down Zoom Out Down
281 Zoom Out Left Zoom Out Left
282 Zoom Out Right Zoom Out Right
283 Zoom Out Up Zoom Out Up

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