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We appreciate entrepreneurship as much as you do. Promote our products to your audience and be a part of the best WordPress affiliate deal.

Promote and Get the Commission

Promote and Get the Commission

Introduce our products and promote them to your audience in your way and get a commission for each purchase that you make.
Why Should You Choose SinaExtra?

Why Should You Choose SinaExtra?

In 2020, the minimum monthly average affiliate commission was $214 and the maximum average was $1426. Currently we are working with our affiliates to boost their income by 150%.
Simplest Way to Get Involved

Simplest Way to Get Involved

You won't face any issues if you choose to get involved with us. Simply fill up the form. Then we will review the application and get back to you as soon as possible.

How it works

To become an Affiliate and earning money is simple.

Register as Affiliate

Firstly Register as an Affiliate and Generate a URL by any product link and place it on your site or share social media.

Know Us & Our Products

Know about our products and introduce them. When a customer clicks on your link. Then you will count as a referral.

Get Your Commission

You will get a 20% commission from each purchase from your referral. Following this process earn Commission from us!

What's your question?

How does affiliate marketing work?

When a visitor or your client knows about SinaExtra from your site, they click on the link that you placed on there and make a purchase. Then, you will get a 20% commission for that successful purchase from us.

How do I promote SinaExtra?

You must register for a SinaExtra affiliate account to promote SinaExtra products. The next step is to create an Affiliate link for certain products and spread about our products by utilizing that Affiliate link.

How much I will get paid?

For a successful purchase, you will get 20% as a commission for every particular product for Affiliate. The amount that you can earn has no limit! You will also be notified via email when a purchase will take place by your Affiliate link.

How do I get paid?

Affiliate payments are processed through Payoneer .

When are payouts made?

At the end of each month, we run a report to see how many affiliate sales were made. Each transaction is manually audited due to an increase in affiliate fraud. Assuming your affiliate commissions are valid, payments for the prior month will then be sent to your Payoneer account by the end of the next month.
For example, if you had three sales in April, you will be paid by May 31st. The minimum payout amount is $300.

Do I get commissions from my own purchases?

No. You won't get credit when purchasing one or more products through your own affiliate link. So don’t waste your time and try to be tricky by using another email address or some other clever method. It’s very easy for us to tell if someone purchased our products through their own affiliate link.

Do I earn money from product upgrades or renewals?

Sadly, we are not offering any commission for upgrades and renewals of any license.

How does the affiliate cookie work?

When someone clicks on your affiliate link, they are redirected to our website and a cookie is set (sinaextra_ref) for 30 days with your affiliate ID. As long as they don’t clear their cookies or click on another affiliate link before checking out, the sale will be credited to you.

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