Advanced Chart Addon for Elementor

Vartical Bar

Just select the vertical Bar chart with your expected data.

Vartical Bar-2

Vartical Bar-3

Horizontal Bar

Also can select the horizontal Bar chart to show your expected data.

Horizontal Bar-2

Horizontal Bar-3


Chartina has a Doughnut chart style to display data.

Pie Chart

Also it has a Pie chart style to display data.

Polar Area

Polar area chart variation is another way to show data.

Radar Chart

An advanced and most attractive way to display data is the Radar chart style.

Radar Chart-2

Radar Chart-3

Omitted the fill.

Radar Chart-4

Line Chart

The Line chart is another excellent and beautiful chart style of the Chartina..

Line Chart-2

Line Chart-3

Line Chart-4

You can make multiple variations of the Line chart with this plugin.

Line Chart-5

Not convinced?

Let's check some features of Chartina

  • Huge Data: Chartina makes sure you can display or show some or huge data with any kind of chart style.
  • Set Title: You can set your expected title any sides (top, bottom, left or right) of the chart.
  • Unlimited Color: It has an unlimited color option. So every variation of the charts makes sure that you can change the color.
  • Categories: Also can show the categories tag. Which indicates the amount of data has the category.
  • Legend: There has an option to enable or disable the legends. Also another option to set any sides (top, bottom, left or right) of the chart.​
  • Tooltip: You can enable or disable the tooltip which shows the data information.
  • Animation: Currently, it has 30+ animation effects to display the chart for making more attractive.

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