6 Best Elementor Plugins for Blog Posts

Last updated on June 12, 2024 by Editorial Team
Best Elementor Plugins for Blog Post

Elementor is a powerful and user-friendly page builder WordPress plugin that helps you to create beautiful content and website designs with ease. There are many blog post Elementor plugins or addons available to display the blog posts more attractive way.

In this article, we'll take a look at the 6 best Elementor plugins for blog posts that can help you to show the posts in an amazing way on your WordPress website. These plugins also offer a wide range of features and options to customize the display of posts.

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Why use these Elementor blog post plugins?

  1. 1. MVCP: Multi Variation Custom Post
  2. 2. Postina: Ultimate Blog Posts Addon for Elementor
  3. 3. Eleblog – Elementor Magazine and Blog Addons
  4. 4. Elespare Pro – News Magazine and Blog Addons for Elementor
  5. 5. Blogmentor Pro for Elementor
  6. 6. Elementor Post grid, List, Carousel Slider

Final Thoughts of Best Elementor Blog Posts Plugins

Why use these Elementor blog post plugins?

For any WordPress website, the ability to quickly and easily display the posts is essential. There are a lot of Elementor blog plugins for WordPress are present that allow users to display the posts in minutes beautifully.

All of these plugins are powerful and versatile that provide users with a wide range of features and options to show their posts in different ways. These Elementor post plugins also make it easier for website owners to display the posts in a professional-looking on their website.

1. MVCP: Multi Variation Custom Post

Multi Variation Custom Post (MVCP) is the best Elementor post addon or plugin with the ultimate solution for WordPress content. You can display the posts in multiple variations or ways of any post type on your WordPress website. Like: Slider, Carousel, Gallery, Accordion, Tabs, Masonry Grid, Box Grid, List Grid etc.

You also can create your own post type and taxonomy (like: books, movies, events, etc.) by dragging & dropping, and displaying the posts with 12 built-in shortcodes in 48 predefined designs or 120+ responsive-ready Elementor blog templates.

For Elementor page builder it has 12 elements with even-odd post layout. Like: Elementor post carousel, Elementor post grid, Elementor post list, Elementor post gallery, Elementor blog slider etc. to show the posts in multiple formats on your Elementor website.

Below mentioned the key features:

  • 12 Shortcodes (if use without elementor)
  • 12 Elements for Elementor page builder
  • 48 predefined designs for Shortcodes
  • 120+ Elementor post template (template library).
  • You can create your own post types
  • Can create own taxonomies and terms for any post types (including WordPress default post type)
  • Mobile-friendly and responsive
  • Display the Posts in 12 Variations
  • Even-Odd post layout (if use with elementor)
  • Can create limitless designs and styles with Elementor

This is the top Elementor posts addon to display the blog posts on your WordPress website. It has 6 feature rich Elementor posts widgets and 100+ ready Elementor blog post template that will bring faster your designs to show the blog posts on your website.

Postina is an advanced Elementor blog addon that adds excellent blog post features, to make post carousels, post sliders, post gallery, post grids, post tabs, post tickers etc. With this plugin, you can create stunning designs to show the blog posts that are sure to grab your visitor’s attention.

Some of the top features are:

  • 6 Elementor blog post widgets
  • 100+ blog post Elementor template (template library).
  • Grid, List, Thumb, Masonry and Custom layout
  • Can control column and column-height the way you want
  • Show the Posts with Load More Button
  • Display the Posts with Pagination
  • Can show the Posts specific categories
  • Can display the Posts specific tags
  • Responsive widgets
  • Translation ready for 16 languages

Eleblog is a user-friendly blog post plugin for Elementor page builder to create beautiful blog posts, post listings, post sliders and post carousels within a few seconds. It has the necessary settings to change everything easily. Every setting is visually editable.

It has layout settings, color settings, content/title/meta settings and more. So you’ll be able to change the design of the post with style settings. If you do not have enough design skills, don’t fret, many creative designs and layouts are ready for your needs.

Here are the main features:

  • 15+ Elements
  • 20+ Premade Elementor blog designs
  • Unlimited color and typography options
  • Option to filter posts by category and tag
  • Fully Responsive
  • SEO friendly

Elespare Pro is one of the most powerful and essential news magazine and blog elements addons for Elementor page builder. It allows you to display your posts in many formats such as grid, list, tile, full, express, and so on. Each widget of the this plugin is responsive and looks good on different devices.

Key features of this plugin are:

  • 15+ Elements
  • 140+ Elementor blog layouts
  • Multiple posts query controls 
  • Limitless color and typography options
  • Responsive widgets
  • Translation ready

Blogmentor Pro is an Elementor add-on to showcase your WordPress blog posts in Elementor page builder in multiple ways and different designs. There is a simple drag and drop feature to insert this plugin’s widget to any page you were editing with Elementor. This plugin gives all possible options to control blog style.

Main features of this addon are:

  • 1 Elementor blog widget
  • 6 Types of Layout
  • Option to filter posts by category, tags and author
  • Multiple columns options to view posts
  • Multiple options to control styles of posts fields
  • Fully Responsive

This is another great Elementor post list plugin to view the posts in grid, list and slider format. It has a range of styling options, so you can customize your blog post designs and styles to match your website’s design. This plugin also allows you to create various post layouts and blocks on your Elementor website.

Available features are:

  • 1 Element
  • Grid, List, and Masonry Elementor blog post layout
  • Show the Posts with Load More Button
  • Display the Posts with Pagination
  • Huge color and typography options
  • Responsive widget

Final Thoughts of Best Elementor Blog Posts Plugins

Overall, Elementor is a powerful WordPress plugin that makes it easier to create stunning designs for blog posts. So there are many Elementor plugins and addons available to help you create beautiful blog post layout designs and styles in different formats, including slider, carousel, tabs, gallery and more.

We hope you have benefited to figure out the best blog post plugin for Elementor page builder to use from this article. You may see that these plugins allow you to easily create and customize blog posts using Elementor. Every plugin comes with its own features and benefits.

So it is important to figure out and pick the most effective plugin or addon for your website that fulfills all of your needs. If you’re still confused to select one, then you can go for the MVCP. Cause, with its 12 elements or shortcodes you can make any type of layout or design to show your posts including custom posts. Also its even-odd style of the post data organizing flexibility might be the best choice for you.

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